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I grew up in the country and generally had to repair my toys when they broke and the lawn mower when it stopped working too. By the time I went to college I had been in business cutting grass for folks for several years. I also volunteered with the local volunteer fire department where I became a medic. I went to college wanting to be a nurse since I enjoyed being a medic but I changed my major to Criminal Justice. I worked for several departments through the years and now here we are. I began having trouble sleeping and that affected my performance at work. I also had several areas where I needed surgery. My doctor told me he didn't want me wearing all the heavy equipment on my duty belt and getting in and out of a car all the time. He suggested surgery for my shoulder, back, neck and knee. I had those surgeries (not all at once) and was told I needed to retire or the job would end up hurting my body to th point of no recovery. I didn't like that answer but I knew he was right due to issues I was having at work. I needed up retiring and picked up woodworking. Small stuff such as boxes, plaques, etc. I purchased a cnc machine and was able to produce more efficiently and better work than me and my Dremel tool. I also purchased a laser machine which allowed me to engrave on my productions as well. After getting a few large orders in the beginning, I decided to make a business out of it. And here we are. I continue to create and add new things everyday. Let's work together to create something for you!

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